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2016 Advanced Training Schedule

To all ITF Taekwon-Do students,

In order to keep Taekwon-Do technique at the highest level, all advanced students (Green Belt and up) must attend an advanced training class once per month.

Class is taught by Master Caputo.

The purpose of the advanced training is to monitor and ensure that ITF Taekwon-Do technique is being executed correctly.  Newly promoted students will be taught their new patterns. Special techniques will be practiced on the heavy bags and power breaking will be taught during these sessions.  As well, self-defense will be focused on to improve confidence in these skills and there will be emphasis on the preparation for becoming a Black Belt.

Master Caputo will determine which students are ready to be promoted to next belt level during advanced training classes.

Testing Requirements:

Attend Advanced training (1 per month)
Correct technique
Fulfillment of the Five Tenants
Required number of hours on student card

Please note: pre-tests for blue stripes and up is only done at these trainings, they are no longer performed at the centres or during regular classes.

This mandatory advanced training occurs once a month at the Main Centre. The fee is $10 per student, the proceeds to go towards training equipment for all centres and student events for all centres.




From:             Master Caputo

For:                 ADVANCED TRAINING


To all ITF-Taekwon-do advanced students, in order to keep the Taekwon-do technique at its highest level all advanced students  must attend a  *Mandatory advanced training class once per month!