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General Choi Hong Hi Founder of Taekwon-Do

We offer authentic, traditional and disciplined training following General Choi’s teachings and faithful to his last wishes. We have a commitment to ensure that the training our students receive is realistic and that skill levels attained are based on a student’s proven experience, not fast tracking to satisfy the ego.  We acknowledge that students place a lot of trust in their instructor, and after thirty years of teaching experience we stand by our track record. Being a student at Beaches ITF Taekwon-Do schools assures you of the following:

– Rank recognized in over 120 countries, with certificates issued
– Black belts instructors have a minimum of five years of continuous training
– Tournaments
– All black belts are volunteer instructors dedicated to art of Taekwon-Do


Black Belt Testing – Sunday, November 23, 2014

Front row from right: Mr. Thanga (promoted to 1st degree Black Belt), A. Draper (promoted to Black Stripe), A. Al. Boucharah (promoted to Black Stripe) A. Al. Ayssami (promoted to Black Stripe), M. Stoler (promoted to Black Stripe), Mr. Pulogarajah (promoted to 1st degree Black Belt)
Back row from left: Mr. Mamaril (promoted to 3rd degree Black Belt)

About Us

We teach traditional ITF Taekwon-Do with a focus on self-defense, fitness and personal development. We have been active in the GTA since 1982. To locate the school nearest you, simply visit our locations page.

Since 1982 Master S. Caputo has made ITF (International Taekwon-Do Federation) Taekwon-Do available in the Greater Toronto Area and to this day remains the only instructor in the Toronto area offering authentic Taekwon-Do as taught by its founder, General Choi. A world-level competitor in the eighties and nineties, Master Caputo has also coached the Canadian National Junior Girls’ Team twice and the gold medal winning National Men’s Team for the 2003 ITF World Championships. The memory he prizes the most, however, occurred in 1995 when he traveled with the Founder of Taekwon-Do, Gen. Choi Hong Hi, throughout Central America. There he assisted General Choi at International Instructors’ Seminars – an honour that was bestown on very few Instructors during the Founder of Taekwon-Do’s lifetime.

In 1984, Master Caputo realized that too many people wanting to train traditional, effective and rewarding martial arts were unable to do so as the training fees are cost prohibitive. As a result, the first Beaches private do-jang (training hall) was closed and moved to a City of Toronto Parks and Rec Community Centre, teaching on a volunteer basis. This approach allowed him to focus on the martial art rather than operate a business. To this day, all of our instructors teach on a volunteer basis in all of our locations. This translates to very low training fees at our private do-jang, and no training fee at our community centre locations. We are proud members of the ITF and Canadian National Taekwon-Do Group.

View the presentation made by Beaches Black Belts on City TV’s Breakfast Television.

Please visit our instructors page for more information on the dedicated volunteer black belts teaching at our different locations.

Our Training

Taekwon-Do, a Korean art of self-defense founded on April 11, 1955 by Gen. Choi Hong Hi is a modern scientifically developed martial art that has today’s society in mind. Taekwon-Do training has a demonstrated ability to develop:

1. Self Discipline
Adults and children will learn or improve how to set goals, achieve physical and mental control and feel good about themselves.

2. Positive Goal Setting
The value of positive goal-setting behaviour encouraged by Taekwon-Do training cannot be overestimated.  Belts of different colours are awarded as the individual progresses towards the major goal of black belt. Each new belt gives the student a genuine feeling of high self-esteem and self-confidence.

3. Motivation
Taekwon-Do training provides the motivation to be active physically and rescues the student from continuous passive entertainment.

4. Personality
Taekwon-Do is a great equalizer in the personality development of the student.  Because of the self-confidence attained from learning how to defend oneself, it makes the very aggressive student calmer and more respectful towards others while the timid student becomes more outgoing and self-assertive.

5. Character
There are five tenets of Taekwon-Do that students must live by in the do-jang. Students soon discover that these also affect them out of the school environment. These tenets (courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit) are crucial to Taekwon-Do.